Monday, September 5, 2011

Reading on the iPad Part 7: Fast Company: applying my WSJ reading habits

Recently Fast Company magazine offered me a sweet deal to try them out. In spite of trying to cut down on subscriptions, I decided to investigate whether Fast Company could replace one of my existing subscriptions, or provide new insights without adding significantly to my reading load. I find the magazine a fun read. But I do have to be ruthless in my subscription management.

There is no Fast Company app for the iPad. Utilizing the table of contents and full article offerings of the web site, I've found I can read it quickly and usefully following the same workflow I use for The Wall Street Journal:
  • Read the summaries in the table of contents, 
  • open the articles I desire in background tabs.
I have chosen to err on the side of missing a tasty tidbit and not following links with insufficient justification up front. I think I'd prefer a style interface if one were available. But for now, "dispatch from table of contents" works well enough.

This concludes a very brief part 7.  Let's go right on to Reading on the iPad Part 8: Boston Business Journal: Generic trounces clever!

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